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A continuació trobareu alguns dels projectes destacats del grup.

FRAMES Percussion es caracteritza per ser una formació versàtil que explora no només les grans peces del repertori per a percussió, sinó que també col·labora amb altres formacions i disciplines per oferir projectes originals i innovadors.

Per a més informació específica sobre cada projecte:



Adams, John Luther

Four Thousand Holes (2010)

Aperghis, Georges

Retrouvailles (2013)

Bernal, Alberto

Impossible translations #3b (2011)

On the deconstruction of a military roll (2008)

#OccupyYourSelf (2021)

Cage, John

A Room (1943)

Branches (1976)

In a Landscape (1948)

Quartet (1935)

Cánovas, Helena

Primera Palabra (2017)

Carrascosa, Pablo

White (2020)

Chin, Unsuk

Allegro ma non troppo (1998)

Codera Puzo, Luis

MUR#01 (2024)

Cuong, Viet

Water, Wine, Brandy, Brine (2015)

Núria Giménez-Comas

Abraxas (2013)

How to break a (2020)

Gordon, Michael

Timber (2009)

Grisey, Gérard

Le noir de l'étoile (1990)

Stèle (1995)

Hauser, Fritz

As We Are Speaking (2004)

Schraffur (2008)

Zeichnung (2002)

Hoffmann, Robin

Birkhan-Studie (2005)

Jodlowski, Pierre

24 loops (2007)

Klartag, Yair

All day I hear the noise of waters (2009)

Lladó, Montserrat

Ariel (2022)

Lang, David

Born to Be Wild (1994)

The so-called laws of nature (2002)

Loeffler, Simon

C (2013)

López Boada, Gerard

Tempus Mundi (2008)

Lucier, Alvin

Music for gamelan instruments, microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers (1994)

Silver streetcar for the orchestra (1988)

Vespers (1969)

Maierhof, Michael

Specific Objects (2013-2014)

Martínez, Sirah

How to break a (2020)

Pisaro, Michael 

When I hear light (2017)

Perich, Tristan

Observations (2008)

Price, Meriel

Nearly (next time) (2022)

Staring at the bin (2021)

Reich, Steve

Clapping Music (1972)

Piano Phase (1967)

Rodríguez-Valenzuela, Manuel

<time. no time> (2022)

Roelofsen, Ruud

Translucid IV (2017)

Rykova, Elena

Subito Dodo (2017)

Silenced (2019)

Saunders, James

All the things we make you do (2016)

Saunders, Rebecca

dust III (2018-21)

Stockhausen, Karlheinz

Zyklus (1959)

Mikrophonie I (1964)

Steen-Andersen, Simon

Difficulties putting it into practice (2007, rev.2014)

Takemitsu, Toru

Seasons (1970)

Torá, Jose Luís

Quehacer del tacto full or mirroredness (2009)

Treuting, Jason

Extremes (2009)

van Eck, Cathy

Empty Chairs (2019)

Watanabe, Yukiko

Metall, Glas und Holz (2018)

Wenjing, Guo

Parade (2003)

Wettl, Mátyás

Nocturne (2017)

Xenakis, Iannis

Rebonds (1989)

Okho (1989)

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