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FRAMES Percussion, an ensemble dedicated to the newly created repertoire, represents the talent and commitment to the music of its time. Formed by a new generation of percussionists from our country, the group was born with the intention of presenting the most unique and innovative proposals, which include the most demanding works in the current repertoire, with maximum preparation and respect for new compositional languages.

Linked in its beginnings to Joventuts Musicals de Catalunya and the ESMUC, the group maintains a close relationship with L'Auditori de Barcelona. In addition, it has promoted the creation of Difraccions (formerly known as OUT· SIDE), has participated in the Mixtur Festival, Fundación Juan March, FiraTàrrega, Seismograph Olot, MUTEK Barcelona, VANG Madrid, Festival Riverrun d'Albi, Festival GREC and CNDM, among others.

In the field of performing arts, FRAMES Percussion is responsible for the design and interpretation of the music of the show 5,100 (m/s) by  Joan Català and Desert by  Albert Quesada. In addition, the group has also created the pedagogical show Out of the [CAGE], commissioned by the Auditori Educational Service.

The FRAMES repertoire includes iconic works from the percussion ensemble repertoire and premieres by composers such as Luis Codera Puzo, Núria Giménez-Comas and Sirah Martínez, Alberto Bernal, Meriel Price, Yukiko Watanabe, Cathy van Eck, Ruud Roelofsen, Montserrat Lladó, Helena Cánovas, Manuel Rodríguez-Valenzuela and Pablo Carrascosa.

Since 2020, FRAMES Percussion is supported by ICEC, ICUB, IRLL, INAEM and the Ernst von Siemens Foundation. In 2022 she released her first album, the recording of David Lang's The so-called laws of nature with the Neu Records label, and Elena Rykova's Silenced with the Phonos Netlabel label.


FRAMES Percussion has been awarded the Ernst von Siemens Ensemble Prize ’24.


Miquel Vich Vila, percussion, artistic direction & production

Ruben Orio, percussion, production & artistic assistant

Feliu Ribera Riera, percussion & pedagogic coordination

Ferran Carceller Amorós, percussion

Sabela Castro Rodríguez, percussion & social networks

Daniel Munarriz Senosiain, percussion & production assistant

Itziar Viloria Céspedes, live-electronics

Javier Delgado Pérez, percussion

Núria Carbó Vives, percussion


Carlota Cáceres (percussion), Pablo Carrascosa (electronics), Lluïsa Espigolé (piano), Ángel Faraldo (electronics), Lorenzo Ferrándiz (conductor), Stéphane Garin (percussion), Maria Hinojosa (voice). 

FRAMES is supported by:

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